Leaving for Calgary!

This will be my 2nd time in Canada. The first was decades ago when HCPS sent me and Melanie, a videographer, to Montréal and Québec City for background videos. We were making a K-5 series called “SUN: Students Understanding Neighbors”. We had a blast!

This 2016 trip was organized and planned by Linda Farrar, a ’65 Westhampton College classmate, and I’m going where I’ve never been before, flying west instead of east.  Friends tell me I’ll be eating elk, moose, and of course salmon – I’m ready for anything!

The weather looks nice, with 70ºs during the day, and 50ºs at night.

I sort of didn’t read the itinerary, so am not sure what I’ll be seeing … it’ll be an adventure!

The kitties are at a nice boarding facility … Chocolat has claimed the top shelf (of course), Henry is eyeing the dogs in the pool, and Oreo has found a hidey-hole.



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